Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thoughts on next army

Boy, I had a great time with the Errand. I'm probably going to improve the painting on that list for a little while, and I might still use it for the rest of this season. However, I am starting to think about my next list.

I do have a problem - I love playing challenging armies, but I also love winning. One force I really like is the Army of the High King, but those guys are just inherently inefficient against everyone but Isengard Uruk-Hai. The main point of the army is making it an Elendil delivery system, and as good as he is he isn't as good as Gandalf, who is worth the same number of points. Oh, Gandalf is such a dirty old man...

Speaking of Gandalf, I was thinking about going with Gandalf the White, which I won at the Gathering. However, the Errand was already pretty thin on the model count, and adding 50 points to the wizard would mean losing Ecthelion in favor of Damrod (wow, that's a bad deal) or seriously dropping my model count. There just aren't any Good horde armies apart from Hobbits, and Gandalf can't fight with them.

So I'm thinking about a Mordor army. I can throw 60+ models into most of the armies I am developing. Each one I came up with had a "gimmick" which I'd like to play with: shamans and a drummer, Shagrat the Warleader, the Witch King, a catapult with a troll, all of them look like fun. Maybe I can also come up with one using a Fell Beast. I know many of these aren't the most efficient in the world, but these are some of the models I've always wanted to play with. I'll think more about it.

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