Saturday, June 25, 2011

And the difference is...

Not a hell of a lot.

The model on the left is one I just painted using the German Uniform color I bought earlier today, along with the pants being the same Adeptus Battlegrey I had used as the basecoat for the other model. There is no highlighting on the left model. And it's kind of hard to tell the difference.

So I'll definitely go with the left model's paint scheme. I'll think about some kind of wash or "dip" after I've gotten everything looking decent, but that's getting into the "nice if I can get there" area. But with how easy it was to get this level done, I foresee getting a lot of these guys done to this basic level within a few days.

1 comment:

  1. basic level is how i had to approach my first army. ( 5 months ago)
    I made my learning curve doing mid-war soviets, it was my first army
    and i used alot of GW paints and stuff i had left over from large scale modelling. oh, and devlan mud wash saved me from tearing out my hair, what a time saver . esp with soviets,wow.
    Then i bought a ton of LW brits, brit armor and planes. now i'm going with the vallejo british paint set and all official color-codes.
    I'm glad i did all my goof-ups on the soviets, as i'm really hoping to do a good job wit me brits.
    i will eventually do EW brits, i may fight you someday. :)