Monday, March 9, 2009

Crazy insane-o list idea

I was really happy to get Gandalf the White as a prize for getting 2nd General (is that like 2nd breakfast?) at the Gathering, and I've been vaguely considering how to actually use him in a list. Well, my wife and I were watching The Two Towers tonight, and I had an idea hit me - what if I were to take all of my pre-existing notions of what makes a good army and just throw them out the window? Go with an entirely themed army with a completely different philosophy - mobile destruction!

So here is a random possibility - "Dawn of the Fifth Day"

Gandalf the White on Shadowfax

Erkenbrand on horse
Captain of Rohan with heavy armor, shield, and horse

4 mounted Rohan Royal Guard (3 w/throwing spears)
9 Riders of Rohan (4 can shoot bows)
1 Rider of Rohan with banner

600 Points
Total models: 17
Total Might: 8
Bows: 4/14 29%

I have absolutely no idea if this list would work in the least, but damn I think it would be fun. Screw all this surrounding your opponent, outnumbering him and outmaneuvering him - this list is all about charge into the teeth of his line, blow the Horn of the Hammerhand, break through with a Heroic Combat and lay waste to his squishy bits! With a horse mounted Gandalf-bazooka! The only thing I'm really tempted to do is put in ANOTHER mounted Captain of Rohan instead of some riders.

This will require some thought...

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  1. Now that is a small list. However, I'll tell you that I've toyed with the same thing. In fact, I've written a list that uses a Captain to Proxy for Erkenbrand (or Eomer) and uses Gandalf the Gray (to save points). I'd still use the Erkenbrand and GtW models, just proxy them for more cost effective profiles.