Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rumors seem to prove untrue

Well, it appears the fear mongering, along with GW's silence, have created an impression that is not quite true. According to the GW Community blog:

Planning for the 2009 GW Touranment Circuit is wrapping up (yes there are still some events we’re looking to add), Games Day planning is wrapping up (new dates, new information a-plenty), and our own Grand Tournament planning begins (whew!). [emphasis added]

So a lesson for community relations - be as open as possible to prevent undue speculation. Sadly, GW's record on cooperation with its community hasn't been good, and its customers tend to see the worst in things as a result. They've made progress from their past, but it takes a long time to repair damage.

While on the subject, I just want to add a little personal note: my favorite part of this hobby is probably the community. I love running tournaments, I love meeting new players and experienced players, and there really isn't anything quite like being a part of a group of people who all enjoy the same geeky stuff that I do. It was without question my favorite part of working for GW, and I did relish the leadership position I held in that community. My level of visibility has dropped since I left GW, but I stilll love being a part of the hobby community.

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